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Uneventful times...

2012-02-29 03:59:10 by HNI

It's been a while since I've done anything on Newgrounds. Frankly I'm not impressed by the site redesign, and with YouTube phasing in their crappy new channel designs too I think it's time I put together a website of my own.
The bottom line is I haven't disappeared. I'd hoped to have finished at least one new song by now, but that hasn't happened. HOWEVER, don't give up hope - music is still a big part of my life and I will make more songs... eventually.

Genre swap

2011-06-17 00:42:18 by HNI

A friend suggested I move my gabber music to the 'Industrial' genre, because it'd probably fit in that genre better than any other genres the site has to choose from. And I took his advice. Just letting you know.


2011-01-25 08:46:02 by HNI

Updated my logo - much cleaner and more professional IMO.

New music

2010-02-14 16:24:41 by HNI

Submitted new track: Placid Aggression.
That's all.

New song not finished!

2009-12-11 18:54:28 by HNI

Yep, I've submitted some more music.
It's alright, but I lost interest and started listening to deathcore.


2009-10-05 07:42:09 by HNI

Yeah, Angerfist made an awesome NL Hardcore/Gabber song a long time ago called The Steel Finger.
And I remixed it.
The thing is, it doesn't actually resemble the original in any way except for the tune, so I'm reluctant to actually call it a remix, but i will anyway.
It is on:
- Newgrounds
- YouTube

So there you go. All the synths were by me, including the kick. I used mostly 3xOsc, except the supersaw which was Poizone, Sytrus, Sawer and 3xOsc.
Please, please, please review it! I had some noob zero-bomb it not long after i submitted it who offered no explaination, which really annoys me, so i like it when people tell me what they think.

Adamant Subdivision

2009-09-08 03:47:25 by HNI

Originally codenamed 'An Hardest Part', me and NuclearDuckie have released another epic collaboration we have officially named 'Adamant Subdivision'. It is certainly the largest song we've ever made in tems of the amount of patterns, however it is not the longest.
In other news the name Gunsynth will now be used as my artist name, but Hypernite Industries is still the primary label for anything else.

Speedcore 300

2009-07-07 04:12:55 by HNI

I've added a new track to the audio portal.
Please read the 'Author's Comments' before judging it.
I included a picture of the playlist.

Speedcore 300

Audio Collab 2!

2009-06-30 06:26:51 by HNI

Me and Blackduckie are doing another collaboration.
Caustic Redemption was a kind of 'Trancecore' song at 145BPM - pretty slow
our new track will be HAAARDCore at 175 with harder, dirtier and more aggressive elements.
So be on the lookout...


2009-03-21 17:40:17 by HNI

Well yay it's done, and will be submitted in the next few minutes. Remember to give Blackduckie lots of credit for this too.