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2009-10-05 07:42:09 by HNI

Yeah, Angerfist made an awesome NL Hardcore/Gabber song a long time ago called The Steel Finger.
And I remixed it.
The thing is, it doesn't actually resemble the original in any way except for the tune, so I'm reluctant to actually call it a remix, but i will anyway.
It is on:
- Newgrounds
- YouTube

So there you go. All the synths were by me, including the kick. I used mostly 3xOsc, except the supersaw which was Poizone, Sytrus, Sawer and 3xOsc.
Please, please, please review it! I had some noob zero-bomb it not long after i submitted it who offered no explaination, which really annoys me, so i like it when people tell me what they think.


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2009-10-08 06:57:57

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