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too slow

not bad, but not my style.
should definitely have it's own category.


this could be great for soundtrack!

pure awesome

oh god the bass! so grindy! what did you make it with? IT OWNS
also the drums are nice and punchy too.
the only problems are the little melody thing, which i don't really like the velocity variation on, and the panning thing is a bit repetitive.
besides that, excellent!

Slipstreamer responds:

The bass and sub-bass were made with Sytrus. The drums are ass custom samples. Thanks for your critique!

This is full of win

I think this track was really successful because of the freedom you allowed yourself by automating the sqz with auto clips.
HQ link?

blackduckie responds:

Maybe, when I can be bothered. I doubt I'd be able to hear much difference, but I'll be happy to export a 320 kbps version.

I wonder if pro gabber artists use something similar to squeeze ...

I didn't have the squeeze automated all the way through, particularly at 3:50 because that part was meant to be primarily focused on the snares and background drums.

no, it's not

this is Hardstyle, not Gabber. it's much to slow to be Gabber.
The tune is pretty good, but the Kick sounds a little broken.
But okay, well done.


im pretty sure i've heard that tune before, and not much can be said for the instruments, but hey, this is the NG audio portal! Well done on the percussion and background stuff.

IceMasterDlux responds:

Thanks man. I really appreciate somebody reviewing this. The synth isn't the best and I might do a remix later. Thanks again
~Ice Master


You know, i didn't hear much sidechaining going on there. I was kind of expecting it.
Anyway, this song reminds me of Pilchard. Good job, but a little too experimental.

not bad at all

this is pretty good!
the only thing i would suggest is WAY MORE variation on the percussion. It really did start to get repetitive. Maybe break the song up into sections a bit more, and you can use other drum kits in different parts. Also would be good with:
-More modulation and FX
-More panning
-A really fast Closed Hat pattern in the background which comes in near the middle.
-MORE BASS! HELL YEAH! maybe a long deep kick/sub bass which plays regularly
-Ive got more, just not right off the top of my head.

This song has so much potential! I love it.
What software did you use?

Lazy reviewer is lazy.

I'm sure you already have my opinion, so whatever.

blackduckie responds:

No comment.

I'm glad I have a subwoofer =D

Jesus Christ, this is by far the BEST DNB song i have ever heard.
When i heard The Fugative way back on Youtube i thought that was the dog's bollocks, but this, oh god. AWESOME.
can i ask a question, what synth did you use to make the crunchy, grindy bass?
10/10 - 5/5 - Favorite

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